Low Vision Devices

As part of the low vision evaluation, Dr. McBryar will determine what devices will be most useful for patients to accomplish daily activities and function as independently as possible by providing the ability to read, write, see loved ones, or enjoy the outdoors. Here are some of the devices that are available:

Hand-held illuminated magnifiers

Illuminated, portable hand-held magnifiers provide magnification and illumination for spotting tasks and they are ideal for in-home or outdoor reading activities such as setting the thermostat or reading a menu at a restaurant.

The LED (light emitting diode) illumination provides a type of light source preferred by many patients due to its distinctly whiter spectrum and longer useful life.

Pocket Magnifiers

These pocket magnifiers are small, lightweight, and functional, and are perfect for people who are on the go and need a magnifier to enhance vision in a compact size that fits in a pocket, handbag, or purse.

Pocket magnifiers are ideal for everyday purposes such as reading the fine print wherever you are. They are excellent for use in hobbies such as inspecting stamps and coins, viewing tiny computer parts, inspecting jewelry, and more.

Video Magnifiers: SmartLux Digital:

The SmartLux Digital is a revolutionary, lightweight portable video magnifier is ideal for reading and writing and has a multitude of features, all for a very economical price.

The large 5″ LCD display provides multiple magnification levels along with 5 different viewing modes that include full color, black on white, white on black, black on yellow, and yellow on black.

The screen is hard-coated for protection and is made with an additional anti-glare layer of film. Simple, tactile control buttons make it easy to understand and use. Images can be captured and up to 20 can be stored.

The SmartLux Digital is ideal for anyone who is visually impaired and wants an economical, portable video magnifier.

Video Magnifier: Mobilux Digital

The first portable, hand-held video magnifier featuring revolutionary AMOLED display technology! An AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display produces the highest contrast image, the fastest image processing, and best resolution .

No ‘ghosting’, ‘smearing’ or fading images occur when the camera is moved. Plus, with its super-high contrast ratio, it can be easily used outdoors.

The Mobilux Digital also features 3 levels of magnification and a 2.0 mega-pixel camera sensor, the highest resolution on the market. In addition, the image display is available in Real image (true colors), contrast enhancement of black and white, contrast enhancement of white and black reversed image, and ‘False’ colors – black and yellow.

The AMOLED display allows the image to be viewed from an angle , which means that users don’t have to struggle to always sit or stand directly over the screen to see an image or text clearly.

Absorptive Filters and Protective Eyewear

Absorptive filters are designed to improve contrast and reduce inner-eye glare, thereby improving your viewing experience.

SolarShield™ Contrast-Enhancing Absorptive Filters are specifically designed for the Low Vision patient. SolarShields™ provide 40% more protection from the sun than ordinary sunglasses because of the protective top and side shield design.

Five lens tints are available – gray, plum, yellow, amber, and orange. Gray polarized and plum lenses decrease overall light transmission and reduce glare. Yellow, orange, and amber lenses decrease blue light transmission and increase contrast.

Three frame sizes are available – small, medium, large and extra large. Small frames will fit patients who wear smaller eyewear or no eyewear at all. Medium and large sizes will comfortably fit over standard eyewear. All SolarShields™ block 100% of UVA/UVB rays, have bend-to-fit temples for a custom fit, and lenses can be Rx’d.

Wellness Protect™ Eyewear protects the eyes and eliminates most blue light. The protection comes from shields on the top and bottom of the lens as well as from a custom made side shield.

Wellness Protect™ Eyewear features a choice of two attractive, comfortable frames styles and are available in small and large sizes. The Wellness Protect Eyewear can be prescription corrected and made in any of the standard filtering tints including orange, amber, plum, yellow or gray (polarized).

These tints give users a choice in how much overall light they want to have blocked, and the gradient option provides the ability to block more light looking straight ahead, and less light when looking down.

Solar Comfort™ Contrast-Enhancing Absorptive Filters are wrap-around style glasses that are ideal for emmetropes (those who require no correction), contact lens wearers, younger patients, and fashion-conscious seniors. Available in five lens tints – amber, yellow, polarized gray, orange, and plum – Solar Comfort© filters are unisex, lightweight, and designed to reduce inner eye glare (gray) and improve contrast (orange, plum, amber, yellow). All Solar Comfort™ filters block 100% of UVA/UVB rays and are made with bend-to-fit temples for a custom fit.

Havens Fits Over Sunwear are premium, polarized glasses that are designed to fit-over reading glasses or prescription frames in a style you can call your own. They feature a sleek, wrap-around lens that provides an unobstructed panoramic view – maximizing your peripheral vision and scenic view wherever you are.